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Pam O'Boyle


I have always been into my fitness but in 2015 I decide to bite the bullet and go back to college. It was a dauting task as a mature student but I got there in the end.  The round trip to Galway weekly was a struggle with 4 children but having a strong support around me made it all work and it is amazing how you can push yourself when you have a goal.

And that’s what life is all about, set yourself goals and work towards them. And enjoy the journey.

My aim and approach with my members are that we will have a balanced approach to life, we will exercise, we will nourish our bodies with foods we enjoy, focusing on the nutritional content of that food, we will be present in life and live it to the full. Exercise is a part of life, a good part, it is not punishment on your body. If we could only bottle that feeling when you have completed you work out, it really is an amazing feeling and also your mind always feels better after you finish a session.  There are so many ways to exercise, getting out for a walk, doing a home workout session, going to the gym or going to a group fitness class. So many options The plan is to ENJOY LIFE……..

I aim to workout 5 days a week with the mixture of weights and cardiovascular workouts.  I think it is so important for people to maintain a healthy body and a body that moves correctly.  I work with my team of clients who have the same goals as myself and who want a better quality of life both mentally and physically. When we exercise, we feel better about of I feel there is no need to go to the extremes of dieting and working out. Working out should never be a chore, find an exercise routine you enjoy and stick with it. Get friends to come along with you whether it is going for a walk, a run, the gym. Having a friend can always help.  Motivation will come and go but forming a habit that you stick with is where you will find real success.

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